Asset Protection & Excess Cover Insurance

Financial protection if your vehicle is written off or stolen

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What is Asset Protection & Excess Cover Insurance?

Asset Protection & Excess Cover Insurance, known as RTI GAP or simply GAP, is an insurance product that many of us may have heard of, but we might not know exactly what it can do for us.


Protects you against any financial shortfall should your vehicle be written off or stolen


Removes any requirement to borrow money or use savings to replace your vehicle


Returns you to the original position you were in before the date of loss

Covering the unavoidable issue of depreciation

We all know that from the moment you drive your car off the forecourt, it will have already started to depreciated in value. Cars generally lose around 60% or more of their initial value in just five years - which is why we recommend buying used cars! It is also a reality that around 1,000 cars are written off in the UK every single day. This means that thousands of people could face a loss compared with how much they paid for their vehicle and its actual valuation by their insurance company.

The ultimate protection

Designed around you

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Pay As You Go

You can pay for this product on a rolling monthly basis much like any other subscription! You pay monthly by Direct Debit, with 0% interest, and can cancel whenever you like with no cancellation fee.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

This section of the policy covers you if you used financing to buy your vehicle. It ensures that you are not left with any outstanding finance bills to pay. Let’s say that you paid £18,000 for your car and it is written off. Your insurer will pay out £16,000, but you still owe £22,000 with your finance agreement. Under this policy, you will receive a GAP payout of £6,000 to cover this shortfall. This saves you from potentially having to pay thousands of pounds to your finance company for a car that is no longer on the road.


Why should I take out Return to Invoice GAP insurance?

You could face a major difference between the amount you paid for your car and the amount that you actually receive from your insurer. So, it is really important to consider this when you purchase your vehicle with us. Different makes and models also depreciate more than others, so there is always a risk of potentially losing out on thousands of pounds. Return to Invoice GAP insurance gives the full price you paid if the worst happens and your vehicle is written off or stolen.

Saving you from a financial loss

It would be undeniably stressful to have your vehicle written off, but imagine also potentially facing a shortfall with your insurance payout. Return To Invoice (RTI) and Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) provide you with financial protection in the event of an accident or loss, whether you bought your vehicle outright or used finance. This policy is built around two components: Return To Invoice (RTI) and Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP).


Return To Invoice (RTI)

This section of the policy comes into play if youbought your vehicle outright. It ensures that you get back exactly what you paid for your car as long as your claim is valid. For instance, if you bought your car for £18,000 and it is written off, your insurer will pay out £16,000 based on its assessment of the current value. This means that you face a major potential shortfall of £2,000. However, if you have RTI cover in place, you will receive an RTI payout of £2,000 to cover this difference and take you up to the original amount that you paid.

Return to Invoice GAP FAQs

If we haven't answered your questions already and these FAQs don't help, then don't hesitate to call us!

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