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The page to tell you every detail about how our Home Delivery works!

Home Delivery

Kept Simple! - All of our cars are available for a UK Home Delivery for just £169*


Frequently asked questions

About my Home Delivery with CarSupermaket.com

*How much does home delivery cost?

How will my car be delivered?

Can I part exchange on a home delivery?

What if I do not like the car after delivery?

Can I test drive the car upon delivery?

Do you deliver on a weekend?

Do you deliver to the whole UK?

What if I get an issue during my warranty period?

Can I still buy a car on finance for Home Delivery?

How will I know what condition the car will be in?

Who will deliver my car?

Will the driver just drop the car off?

Is delivery available on electric cars?

How long will it take to get my new car delivered?

How much fuel/electric charge will my car have upon delivery?

Does the car have to be delivered to my home address?

Do I have to be present for delivery?

How long will a handover take?

Can I choose a time slot?

Will the driver show me how to use the car controls?

Can I make payment and/or complete finance documents on delivery?

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