Are EV Vans Good For Business?


A new report from the UK’s biggest supplier of commercial vans has found that British businesses are not yet ready to make the switch to electric vehicles.

Ultra-Mini Ami Wins First Award


The unique Citroën Ami 100% ëlectric has won the ‘Best for Eco City Travel’ category in the Marie Claire UK Sustainability Awards 2022, thanks to its zero emission performance and excellent mobility.

MINI Unveils Convertible Concept


Not content with grabbing headlines with their award-winning electric model released last year, MINI have now taken a softop version of their classic design stateside.

What’s Driving EV Sales Slump?


In a market where excessive petrol prices should surely be encouraging more and more drivers to turn to electric vehicles, latest industry analysis throws-up a puzzling conundrum, why has sales of EVs and Plug-In Hybrids suffered their ‘biggest fall on record’?

Apple Takes A Bite Out Of Lamborghini


The highly secretive ‘Project Titan’ car project developed by technology behemoth Apple has been in the headlines again this week after it was revealed that the company has poached an influential designer from Italian sportscar brand Lamborghini.

Drunk Drivers Account For 15% Of Deaths


New data published by the Department of Transport shows that there is still a huge issue with drink driving on the roads in the UK.

Big Brother Van Hits UK Roads


Police in the UK have deployed a new weapon in the fight against motorists using their phone whilst driving, after a van fitted with AI technology was put to the test on unsuspecting drivers.

‘Are We There Yet?’ Top Tips For Driving With Kids


If you’ve planned a long road trip with your family over the summer holidays, you will know that one of the secrets to a harmonious journey is to ensure that everyone is happy and relaxed - and that includes the younger members of the family.

One In Four Road Traffic Deaths Not Wearing Seatbelts


The legislation which requires all drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts was introduced many decades ago, however worrying figures published by the Department for Transport (DfT) this week show a worrying trend.

Police Issue Advice Following Surge In Vehicle Thefts


The global supply chain issues for cars has had a worrying knock-on effect on the automotive industry with one of the UK’s leading police forces revealing that recorded vehicle theft offences have risen by a third year-on-year.