Astra Goes Electric


One of the UK motoring industry’s most recognisable car brands, the Vauxhall Astra, looks set to make the switch to electric engineering with the release of teasing images of what the next generation might look like.

Bugattiā€™s Outrageous Hypercar Unveiled


With a cool price tag of £3.3million, the new Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is unlikely to be within reach of your traditional car buyer, and with a top speed, which has been electronically limited to 273mph, you won’t be catching one anytime soon.

Toyota Reaffirms Hydrogen Engine Commitment


Less than a week after setting a new range record for a low emission car, Toyota have once again made strong claims about the future of hydrogen engines.

Fiat To Go All Electric By 2030


Italian car manufacturer Fiat has used the opportunity of World Environment Day to announce that from 2030 their entire line-up will consist of electric cars only.

Do You Check Your Engine Oil?


It’s the magical black stuff that helps keep most vehicles running, but British motorists are ignorant to the importance of engine oil according to a new survey.

Whiplash Laws Could Make Insurance Cheaper


The number of fraudulent car insurance claims is expected to drop as the government introduces new measures which will make it more difficult to claim for a whiplash injury in an accident.

Eye-Watering Fuel Price Rises Are Highest In A Decade


British motorists are enduring some of highest year-on-year prices rises at the petrol pump as the month of May saw a seventh consecutive jump in the cost of filling up your car.

David Beckham Invests In Bin Lorries


It’s not the headline you might expect to see from one of England’s most celebrated footballers, but David Beckham has bought a 10 per cent stake in a company which has ambitions of electrifying Britain’s fleet of used vehicles.

French Protest Black Box Recorders


New EU legislation which will require all new cars to have ‘black box’ data recorders fitted from May 2022 is being opposed to an influential group of French driving campaigners.

Hydrogen Toyota Achieves 1000km Range


While the world is slowly converting to electrification of vehicles, Toyota’s Mirai is breaking records for alternative fuel cars.