IT Glitch Hits Drivers Over 70


Is there a conspiracy against drivers over seventy? Less than a week after plans were revealed which would restrict many older drivers’ freedom on the roads, a new report has revealed that the DVLA does not currently allow some drivers over-70 to renew their driving licence online.

Pothole Index Reveals State Of Britain’s Roads


New data published by one of the UK’s biggest breakdown recovery companies has revealed that thousands of drivers broke down in the early months of 2021 as a result of hitting a pothole.

Tesla Crash: Nobody Was Driving


A road traffic accident that left two men dead involved a Tesla which had nobody behind the wheel according to crash investigators.

Martin Lewis Warns Drivers To Check Their Licence


Consumer expert Martin Lewis has issued a warning to all drivers that they need to check their drivers licence to avoid a potential £1,000 fine.

Just Passed? Which Car Has Lowest Insurance?


The excitement of just passing your driving test is often tempered by the realisation of the sky high insurance costs for young drivers, but new research has revealed which motors are the best to buy for lowest first year insurance.

London Drivers Hit Hardest At The Pump


The nightmare of owning and driving a car in the UK’s capital continues with news that petrol prices in London are higher than everywhere else in the country.

These Are The Postcodes Where Most Accidents Take Place


If you have ever wondered why your car insurance jumps up when you move house then the fact that some postcodes have a higher incidence of accident than others might explain the problem.

Seven Out Of Ten Drivers Considering EV Switch


One of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of electric vehicles, Nissan, believes that the industry may be at a tipping point in terms of public opinion to electric vehicles.

Now Toy Cars Go Green


One of the world’s most recognised toy car brands, Matchbox, is jumping on the environmentally friendly sustainability drive by producing die-cast vehicles that are 100 per cent recycled, recyclable or use bio-based plastic.

80s and 90s Cars Are The New Classics


British motorists who looked after their Ford Sierra during the 1980s could have been sitting on a nice little nest-egg 30 years later after the price of popular modern classics soared.