Millions Take Their Car Off-Road


The cost of living crisis is having an unintended consequence on car ownership says a new report from one of the UK’s biggest car comparison websites.

Pothole Crisis Deepens


Britain’s pothole-ridden road network is fast becoming like the surface of the moon and according to a new report published this week things are getting worse.

Pay And Display To Disappear


In an increasingly cashless society, the hassle of having to find some change to pay for parking has been made easier by the plethora of apps which allow payment over the phone. But plans to get rid of cash options entirely have caused concern amongst campaigners.

Millions Take Speed Awareness Course In UK


In the past year, a record number of drivers who were caught committing a traffic violation went to a retraining school. As a result, they avoided being prosecuted and the possibility of receiving points and fines.

British Motorists Reject MOT Plan


British motorists are prepared to pay a little extra in order to ensure the safe running of their car despite the government being keen to lengthen the period for a car to take its first MOT test.

Eye-Test Shock For UK Drivers


The UK’s leading eye-test organisation has warned that there could be millions of motorists behind the wheel of a car whose eyesight is not fit for driving.

Drug-Driving Pressures NHS


New research published this week has revealed how an increase in drug-driving incidents may be putting additional pressure on the NHS.

Volkswagen R Delivers Instant Thrills


There’s nothing quite like taking the delivery of a new car, and for most of us that first drive is a pure thrill of excitement as you open up the engine to see what power it packs. And for one lucky Volkswagen buyer that experience was even more supercharged.

Toyota Solves Latest Crash Test Conundrum


The development of crash test simulations has developed rapidly in recent years, to such an extent that many manufacturers no longer actually send real cars into a wall to create a ball of wreckage.

Renault Makes Bright Start To 2023


French car brand Renault has revealed some electrifying sales figures for the opening months of the year, selling twice as many EVs than they did in the same period last year.