Nissan Set For Pole-To-Pole Adventure


Nissan has revealed a version of its all-new electric SUV, the Ariya, that can go off-road and will travel the 17,000 miles from the magnetic North Pole to the magnetic South Pole.

EVs Still A Great Investment Says Expert


The last 12 months have been a mixed year for the future of electric vehicles, but expert opinion this week predicts that EVs still have a bright future and, despite a large upfront cost, are a great investment.

Find Out Why This Belgian MPs Car Is Bond Inspired


For a long time, people who wanted to avoid getting a speeding ticket dreamed of James Bond's famous number plates that turned around. Now, a Belgian politician has made that dream come true so that he can avoid unwanted attention.

Police Crackdown Shows Early Results


Greater Manchester Police, one of the largest police forces in the United Kingdom, has begun a significant crackdown on the theft of vehicles and is already seeing early signs of success in their efforts.

Is Foldable Car The Answer To Urban Transport Problems?


In the same week that the head of Kia's UK operations stated that the majority of major automakers would steer away from smaller electric vehicle models, an Israeli start-up is seeking to fill the void in the market with a folding automobile.

When Will Hydrogen Cars Take Off?


As nations work toward new climate objectives and the necessity of finding an alternative to diesel becomes more evident, the market for hydrogen vehicles may experience increased demand.

Rural Learners Face Test Strife


People who live in rural areas are being forced to travel more than 100 kilometres in order to take their driver's licence exams in order to avoid having to wait longer than three months.

Do You Know The Highway Code?


In a recent study, it was found that less than one driver out of every five could correctly name some of the changes to the Highway Code.

Which Car Drivers Are The Smartest?


While there are plenty of unofficial opinions on which particular car owners are the dumbest, there’s now new research that reveals which owners are the smartest.

New JLR CEO Hails Return To Form


Jaguar Land Rover have reported a return to profits and revealed that a better supply of microchip semiconductors has significantly impacted a financial return to form.