Affordable and Reliable Sandero Tops List

Mon 6th Sep 2021

New research from one of motoring’s most respected and influential publications has revealed that spending a lot money on a car doesn’t always get you reliability, in fact, in some cases, the cheaper car can be ultra-reliable.

The What Car? Reliability Study asked owners of vehicles of up to five years old to rate their motoring experience of the last year, focusing on issues such as faults and breakdowns and listing the time it took to fix the fault and how much.

According to the results of the research, only six models scored a perfect score of 100, with the Dacia Sandero, officially the cheapest new car in the UK, among the top performers.

There were more than 16,000 respondents to the What Car? Survey, which gives us a fascinating glimpse into which vehicles are showing great reliability.

The Sandero was joined on the top podium by the Audi TT, the Mazda CX-3, Mini Convertible, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and Honda HR-V as the most reliable models in the country.

While there was a mix of results in the most reliable model, there was a clear region for reliability, with the Far East of Korea and Japan providing the top five most reliable brands.

Kia came out top with a score of 98.7 per cent, Dacia second, Hyundai third, Suzuki fourth while Toyota shared fifth place with MINI. 

 “The UK’s used car market is currently booming, making it all the more important that people know which models will be reliable,” said Steve Huntingford, What Car? editor. “With feedback from more than 16,000 owners, the latest What Car? Reliability Survey highlights the brands and models with the best and worst records.

“Our latest study also shows that a high price tag isn’t always a guarantee of reliability, because some of Britain’s cheapest cars are among the most reliable.”