Airless Tyre To Launch In 2024

Thu 21st Oct 2021

One of the world’s leading tyre brands, Michelin, has revealed details of their new airless tyre, the Uptis, which is said to be longer lasting that traditional tyres and can save on fuel economy.

“The Uptis is as revolutionary as the radial tyre was in the 1940s,” said Michelin’s technical scientific communication director, Cyrille Roget.

“Tyres have been around for 130 years now, and we’ve never been able to find a complete solution to punctures, irregular pressure and sidewall damage.

“One of the best things was that after a few moments driving with Uptis, people didn’t realise it was any different.”

The Uptis is made from regular rubber and fibreglass and includes 50 patents on the spokes which help keep the tyre’s shape. With punctures said to be a thing of the past with the new design, Michelin also boast that the tyre will last longer due to having no worries about being inflated incorrectly and this should also save on fuel economy.

“It’s less of a burden on the consumer,” Roget continued. “You don’t have to check the pressures, you won’t be stranded at the side of the road with a puncture, and for the [car] manufacturers, they don’t have to include a spare wheel, or a jack, and there’s no need to have to have tyre pressure-monitoring systems, all of which saves a lot of weight in the vehicle.”

The new-tyre technology is set to be launched in East Asia in 2024 and Michelin have revealed that they may charge per kilometre on the tyres, with the option of re-treading using sophisticated technology.