Almost 100 Scottish Police Officers Caught Speeding

Tue 31st Dec 2019

New figures have revealed that police officers in Scotland have been caught speeding almost 100 times over the last four years whilst on duty.

While police officers across the UK are expected to uphold the highest of standards, the problem of speeding cops north of the border is on the rise, 16 instances were recorded in 2016-17, while this year up to April there had been 23 recorded incidents which suggests that last year’s record of 29 is likely to be have been broken by the end of the year.

Speaking to the BBC, Assistant Chief Constable Alan Speirs said: "Police Scotland expects all officers and staff to uphold the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, and this extends to their driving both when on and off duty.

"If an officer is reported for his or her standard of driving when on duty, then such matters are reported to Complaints Against the Police Division at Crown Office and not dealt with as a fixed-penalty ticket.

"While off duty, all officers are treated in the same manner as any member of the public would be.

"Only when such matters are fully concluded through the court system will Police Scotland consider any internal misconduct matters and this is done on a case-by-case basis."

Meanwhile Neil Greig suggested that the public need to have confidence that the police are acting in good faith when they are driving beyond the speed limits, saying: "It can be difficult for the public to know what is and isn't an emergency and most drivers are very supportive of any police presence on our roads. Ultimately Police Scotland need to continue to take a high profile and zero tolerance approach to bad driving by their officers so that public support is not reduced."