Almost 12 Million Car Owners Forget To MOT Their Car

Wed 4th Mar 2020

Shocking figures published this week reveal that millions of car have been on the UK road network in a potentially dangerous condition after failing to attend an MOT.

The data published by Kwik Fit found that 11.6million drivers had forgotten to MOT their vehicle and that one in ten owners had repeated the mistake six times or more since owning their first car. The research also showed that younger drivers, in the 18-34 bracket, are five times more likely to forget to MOT their vehicle compared to those aged 55 and over.

"It is concerning to see that people are knowingly or unwittingly driving a vehicle which could pose a danger to them or other road users,” said Kwik Fit’s Roger Griggs.

"Allowing a vehicle’s MOT to expire is not only potentially dangerous, there is also the chance of a significant financial penalty and in some cases, it could cost someone their licence.

"We understand that people have busy lives and MOT dates can slip off the calendar or a ‘to do’ list. To assist with this we have a reminder service people can sign up to, confirming a vehicle’s MOT due date.

"We would encourage drivers who don’t have a note of their expiry date to check it and get it marked in the calendar with plenty of time, to avoid any issues.

"March is a peak month for MOTs and so drivers should book as far in advance as possible to ensure they don’t end up driving illegally."

Driving without an MOT can lead to a £1,000 fine and will invalidate your insurance.