Almost 40,000 British Drivers Banned

Sat 12th Mar 2022

A 101 year-old women is Britain’s oldest recorded serial car criminal according to new DVLA figures published this week.

A Freedom of Information request by MotorEasy has revealed that there are 38,187 people banned from driving for collecting 12 or more points on their licence, with a 101-year-old woman the eldest culprit, and two 13-year-old boys also banned.

Worryingly, there is thought to be in the region of 35,000 drivers who are still driving, despite collecting the 12 points, with legal loopholes allowing them to stay on the road. This shocking figure suggests that one in two who reach 12 points or more needn’t fear a ban.

In addition to the two 13-year-olds there are six 15-year-olds and 14 boys aged 16 who are all suspended from driving, even though they are too young to have a licence. British law currently sees the driving ban being from the date of conviction, meaning many of the young offenders will have served their ban by the time they are legally allowed to drive.

“It's frowned upon for adults to collect so many points for offences such as speeding, so for youngsters four years below the legal driving age to have amassed them is mind-boggling,” said Duncan McClure Fisher, chief executive of MotorEasy.

“It's surprising to see the ages of some of those at the other end of the scale who have totted up 12 or more points.

“While there is no legal requirement to retake your test later in life, those aged 70 and above have to reapply for their licence every three years.

“That means they must declare they are fit and healthy to get behind the wheel and their eyesight meets the minimum standard.

“So to still be driving at 101 is remarkable, and normally something to celebrate. However, these OAP motorists have obviously not maintained the standards expected on the roads.”