Anti-Car Billboards Cause Controversy

Tue 8th Sep 2020

A range of more than 100 ‘guerilla’ billboards have sprung up across the UK calling out some of the world’s biggest car brands for their ‘polluting vehicles’.

The activism network Brandalism have taken credit for the ‘adverts’ which have vandalised adverts from carmakers such as BMW, VW, Range Rover and Ford. The so-called ‘art-pieces’ suggest that ‘increased carbon emissions from road transport and worsening air pollution and congestion in towns and cities.’

Brandalism have previously targeted oil companies and launch a 600 poster campaign in Paris during the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference.

But the campaign has not been well received on social media, where many are pointing the finger at poor rural public transport systems which leave many with little option but to own a car.

The adverts have also been criticised by Mike Hawes, Chief Executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, who said: “Today’s cars are the cleanest in history, with industry delivering huge reductions in emissions after investing billions in advanced technology for all fuel types. To make real strides in improving urban air quality, fleet renewal is the key – not needlessly insulting millions of ordinary people who rely on cars for essential mobility.”