Anyone Lost A Goat?

Wed 23rd Dec 2020

A bizarre list of items left in cars has formed a list of the strangest things found by mechanics when a vehicle has been left for a repair.

The list published by BookyMyGarage included false teeth, a mankini, a pygmy goat and various other pets, one owner even left a baby as they didn’t want to wake it from its slumber.

Jessica Potts, of BookMyGarage, said: “Our cars are used to transport a whole array of different items.

"So it’s no surprise that garages come across some unexpected things in their customers’ cars.

"We wanted to have a little fun with the survey and along with some amusing items left behind, it seems some customers can be quite creative when giving the reason for a fault that’s been found on their vehicle.”

As well as discovering items such as edible underwear, the survey also revealed some of the more far-fetched excuses for things going wrong with cars, with perhaps the most inventive excuse being the driver who blamed the dog for eating the seatbelt.


Top five questionable excuses for vehicle faults



I watched a video on YouTube on how to fix it…


The dog ate the seatbelt…


It’s going for export though, can’t you just pass it?


It looked easy when I Googled it…


I thought it was just a small puddle…