Are Kia Set To Launch Ami Rival?

Wed 9th Mar 2022

The battle for the ultra-mini city cars could be set to hot up as Korean car brand Kia has hinted that it could be about to launch an affordable city car as part of their ambitious plans to launch 14 new electric cars over the next five years.

With Citroen’s extremely compact Ami set to change the face of urban motoring when it is launched in the UK later this year, there could be a huge appetite for smaller, more versatile vehicles, which require very little parking space, have no emissions charges, and can be driven as cheaply as local transport.

The Ami ticks all those boxes, and in an image released by Kia this week, it looks like they too will be moving into what is untested waters for many big brands. The Korean company’s plans were actually revealed back in May 2020, when then COO of Kia Europe, Emilio Herrara told Driving Electric their ambitions.

“Our project is looking at what we call L6 and L7 cars in the segment,” he said. “Cars like the Citroen Ami; it’s something we’re investigating, because we believe it could be an alternative for public transportation – provided we can deliver it at a very similar cost to public transportation.

“We’re really looking at very low monthly prices for subscriptions so it can really compete – and the Ami is one of the vehicles that we’ve looked at,” Herrera said. “So that means a subscription model, or you can rent it for a week or month, so it needs to be pretty flexible like public transportation.”

Kia have previously announced that they would be looking to develop a range of Purpose-Built Vehicles as an alternative to public transportation, and with a dedicated ‘skateboard’ EV platform in the works, it would make sense for the company to build a smaller urban car.

The Ami will go on sale later this year, with prices expected to start at £6,000, which would fit in with Kia’s price strategy.