Are Kids The Ultimate Driving Distraction?

Tue 2nd Jul 2019

A new survey has found that 63 per cent of parents find themselves distracted by their children in the back seat while driving.

Nissan have surveyed 5,000 parents who hold a driving licence to assess the difficulties of driving which their young ones in the car with them, and perhaps unsurprisingly 23 per cent admit that they feel less safe behind the wheel when kids are in the car.

The worries for parents extend to their choice of motor, taking into consideration driving assistance technology, 34 per cent of those polled admitted that adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking is a key consideration.

Top of the child distraction list is a tantrum, whis 65 per cent highlighting it, while fighting (58%) and kicking the back of a driver’s seat (49%) also an issue.

Jean-Philippe Roux, general manager, crossovers, Nissan Europe, said: “Any parent knows that family outings aren’t always straightforward. The smallest passengers often bring the biggest surprises when you’re trying to concentrate on the road, which can create a stressful time for the parent behind the wheel.

“Driving safely and staying focused should always be the driver’s main priority, and there’s no substitute for this. However, knowing your car is fitted with technology that can predict and prevent potentially dangerous situations can help create an overall feeling of calm at the wheel. This, in turn helps drivers keep their focus firmly on the road ahead.”