Are Scalextric Roads The Future Of EVs?

Mon 13th Dec 2021

Italian researchers have developed a solution to the lack of electric vehicle chargers, by charging your car as it drives.

The technology, which is being tested outside of Milan in Northern Italy already has the backing of one of the world’s biggest car groups, Stellantis, owners of the Citroen, Fiat and Peugeot brands.

The solution, if successful, would put an end to range anxiety as vehicles would be constantly charging as they pass over the specially adapted road surfaces. The technology works in very much the same way as mobile phones are charged wirelessly, with a Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer system providing ‘more than encouraging results’. The tests have included an electric Fiat 500 and and Iveco E-Way bus on the Arena del Futuro, a 1,050-metre long circuit which passes a charge through wires in the road surface. The technology could also be used to pass messages to other vehicles in the road about hazards ahead. 

The Italian project follows on from a similar project which was trialled in Sweden and worked in snowy and rainy conditions.

Anne-Lise Richard, head of the global e-mobility business unit at Stellantis, said: “This is a cutting-edge solution to provide a concrete answer to the issues of range and charging, both of which customers are concerned about.

“We’re accelerating our role of defining the mobility of the future and, in this sense, DWPT technology seems to us to be in line with our desire to offer a concrete response to customers’ requirements. Charging vehicles while they are on the move provides clear advantages in terms of charging times and the size of their batteries.”