Are These Britain’s Priciest Repair Bills?

Tue 5th Nov 2019

If you’ve ever been hit with an eye-watering invoice for the repair of a seemingly innocuous problem with your car then you will feel for the drivers who were left with some of the biggest bills of the year.

Motoring website MotorEasy has compiled a list of some of the most expensive repairs of the year, with the eleven different vehicles and their component parts receiving bills totalling £65,000.

The bills include a £3,143 for a Range Rover fuel system repair, £12,4000 for a gearbox replacement on a Jeep Cherokeen and a whopping £22,655 for a new engine on a BMW 5 Series.

The list of repairs highlights some of the problems associated with purchasing a high value car, and not appreciating the potential repair bills that come with it.

“Our advice, whether you're leasing or purchasing a vehicle outright, is to make sure you're not at the very limit of your budget - because hefty repair bills can, and often do, sideswipe you,” said MotorEasy’s Duncan McLure Fisher.

“We're seeing more and more motorists financed to the hilt in order to get their dream car.

“And yet when something goes wrong, they can't afford to actually keep their car on the road.

“Some vehicles with large or unusual rim sizes can run to £500 per tyre - that's £2,000 to keep the car road legal. It can be nasty surprise to many.”