Are You A ‘Badge Snob’?

Thu 17th Dec 2020

The standard of cars may have improved from the days when Lada and Skoda were the butt of many an average comedian’s jokes - but new research has shown that there are still some car brands that consumers steer clear of.

The survey said that 64 per cent of drivers in the UK would refuse to buy some car brands, regardless of how good the specification on the car was, or how good the value was on the deal.

The data published by InsuretheGap found that one in six car buyers describes themselves as a ‘brand snob’ when it comes to buying cars and that they would always stretch their budget to secure a more prestigious brand.

Londoners are the biggest snobs in the UK, with 35 per cent agreeing that they would go that extra mile to get a sought after badge on their car. Unsurprisingly the younger the driver, the more likely they are to want to a prestige brand, with under 34s the most worried about the image.

Ben Wooltorton, chief operating officer of, said: “It’s interesting that there’s still a lot of resistance from car buyers when it comes to certain car brands, but what is clear is that many drivers are prepared to pay more for a car that they feel looks good and is good for their image.”