Are You A Winter Worrier?

Mon 21st Nov 2022

Icy roads, limited visibility and the worry of your car breaking down in the freezing temperatures, it’s no surprise that many motorists avoid driving in the winter months, but new research has revealed that the British public are not happy driving in the cold.

Research commissioned by Zego found that approximately 20% of motorists avoid driving during the colder months because they worry about slippery roads and limited visibility.

However, concerns about driving aren’t limited to the winter—32% of adults said they dislike driving in the dark all year long.

An overwhelming majority of drivers (86%) expressed a dislike for driving on country roads, while 18% disliked driving on motorways the most.

Thirteen per cent of drivers dislike traffic circles, and 14% said they feel uneasy driving through downtown areas.

The analysis of 2,000 motorists found that 62 per cent would not like to be a delivery driver during the winter and Christmas period, especially if they had to drive in such difficult conditions.

Thirty-nine per cent of respondents say they plan to shop online this Christmas to avoid having to drive in the winter weather (Taylor, 2017).

The survey found that 79 percent of motorists had been put off driving in the winter months because of the dangers of road traffic accidents. More than half said they were more cautious when driving in bad weather, such as heavy rain or snow.

“It is interesting to see how so many people hate driving through the winter months,” said Sten Saar, CEO of the commercial motor insurer.

“There are more cars on the road because of the Christmas period which naturally means there are more accidents. The weather conditions in particular don’t help.

“It is important to be cautious this time of year and to think about those who have no choice but to drive in such conditions because of their job.

“We are proud to insure the couriers who supply and feed us throughout the darker months, working a job many of us would be scared to do.”