Are You An MOT Mastermind?

Thu 20th Feb 2020

If you are taking your car in for its first MOT are you aware of the simple tricks which can help you pass the test? Not everyone is, which means obvious mistakes are costing drivers hundreds of pounds.

Now research from Halfords is demonstrating how millions of drivers are unaware of the actual issues which can cause a car to fail. For example, 71 per cent of drivers were oblivious to the fact that not having enough water in your windscreen washer bottle will count as a fail - an easy mistake to make, but one which is easily resolved by checking before putting your car in for its MOT.

Another ‘fail’ issue which drivers are clearly not sure about is the use of windscreen stickers, with 60 per cent of drivers not realising that if they have stickers which obstruct the view then you could be facing a failure.

The third highest mistake drivers make may seem obvious, but some 56 per cent of drivers did not know that having underinflated tyres could lead to a failure.

The ignorance to what can fail or pass you is not always negative, there are some things which drivers believe will fail your car, which actually won’t such as windows being stuck or the car radio not working.

Halfords Autocentres' Aaron Edwards from said: “The MoT test can be an anxious time –  it can be a little bit like waiting for your exam results."

He added: “If you’re unsure whether your car is safe, or you want to put your mind at rest, Halfords Autocentres can also provide a free safety check.”