Are You An Unknowing Victim Of The Latest Car Insurance Scam?

Sun 4th Feb 2018

Thousands of UK drivers are being left without car insurance after being sold a fake policy and you could be one of them, without even knowing!

Motorists are being tricked into purchasing policies with so-called ‘ghost brokers’ and drivers have no idea they have been scammed until they make a claim or get stopped by the police.

With almost 1,000 reports of the scam already made, UK Police are worried that the problem could be larger than expected, with victims targeted through popular social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram and some younger drivers even caught out on Snapchat.

“Ghost brokers leave victims with policies that are worthless and open to the severe harm that comes with driving without valid insurance,” said police spokesman Detective Chief Inspector Andy Fyfe.

“They also cause financial harm to the insurance industry by pushing up the cost of premiums.”

It’s fraud operation which can be worth up to £100,000 to the scammers, but one which could ultimately cost the insurance industry millions and ultimately drive up the cost of premiums for customers.

Police advise all drivers who are unsure about their policy to check with their insurer as to the validity.