Are You Being Followed By An Unmarked Police Car? – Here’s How To Tell!

Mon 9th Apr 2018

We’ve all done it, we’re cruising along the motorway, a little over the speed limit and all of a sudden there’s a vehicle in your mirror which looks a little too suspicious.

Is it a random motorist tailgating you, or are you being tracked by an unmarked police car?

It’s difficult to tell at the best of times, and the easiest way to avoid being followed is to keep to the speed limit and ensure your vehicle is not breaking any laws. But if you are paranoid about being followed by undercover cops, there are a few tell-tale indicators to watch out for.

The first question to ask? Is the car following you clean? Most unmarked police cars are likely to be less than three years old, and always clean. You can also rule out any wild and wacky colours on an unmarked car – vehicles that are black, silver or blue will be the choice of your local police force. And of course, they are not likely to have any additional bodywork, or go faster stripes.

Unmarked cars will also normally have two people, a driver and a passenger, and if you have a keen eye, you should be able to spot a dashboard loaded with kit such as a dash-cam and even a laptop.

One other thing to look out for is a pair of LED lights hidden in the grille of the vehicle. If ever the unmarked car needs to break cover and warn fellow motorists of its impending arrival, those LED lights will begin to flash in the traditional blue and white.

There have often been theories that you can spot an unmarked car by its number plate and in theory that could be correct. Most vehicles in a fleet will have been bought from the same place. Though this is not a failsafe.

If you are being tailgated it is unlikely to be an undercover police car. Police drivers are specially trained to keep a safe distance, usually a mile behind their target, keeping a constant speed and not driving in a manner that would endanger any other drivers.