Are You One Of Nine Million Drivers Ignoring A Basic Law Of The Road?

Fri 30th Mar 2018

As many as nine million British drivers are ignoring one of the most basic laws of driving and risking a £1,000 fine and three penalty points, according to a latest study.

The study, by uSwitch, revealed that 21 per cent of drivers had run a red light in the past year, a worrying trend that could have horrific consequences and subsequently carries huge penalties.

A failure to stop at a red light usually comes with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100, if caught, and an additional three penalty points. However, some more serious instances can lead to heftier fines.

“It’s clear there’s a lack of understanding of the Highway Code among drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, and the consequences could be fatal, even before you think about the financial and legal risk," uSwitch's insurance expert Rod Jones said.

“It’s essential that we reacquaint ourselves with the rules to ensure everyone stays safe while on the road.

“There is a general consensus that more needs to be done in terms of Highway Code education.

"Starting this with school lessons on road safety is a strong forward step to making our highways safer for everyone, whether they are behind the wheel, on two wheels or walking the streets.”

It’s a problem which isn’t just limited to drivers of cars, with more than a quarter of cyclists also admitting to running a red light.