Are Your Friends Electric?

Thu 3rd Sep 2020

A major new survey has revealed the level of intent from the nation’s car buying public to purchasing an electric car as their next vehicle.

The survey of almost 18,000 drivers was conducted by the AA and ITV’s Tonight programme and found that 47 per cent would consider an electric vehicle for their next car.

Drivers in London (56%) and upper-middle and middle-class (54%) drivers are the most likely to opt for electric, and youngsters are the most keen to get on board the EV powertrain with those aged between 18 and 24 (60%) most likely.

For those yet to be convinced by an electric future, the lack of public charging points was ranked as the No.1 concern, 69 per cent saying that was their major worry. Other concerns include the cost of buying an EV and range anxiety.

Another issue appears to be a worry that the electricity network may not cope with demand, however National Grid has pointed to smart charging which would charge cars when the grid was best able to cope.

“The automotive world is going through a radical transition with more change likely in the next decade than in the last hundred years,” said AA president, Edmund King. “We need to help drivers overcome perceived myths about EVs and charging. It is incredibly encouraging that almost half of drivers will consider an EV for their next car. Our AA breakdown data also shows that EVs are more reliable, but when breakdowns occur they are similar to breakdowns on conventional cars with tyres, wheels and the 12-volt battery accounting for about one third of problems.

“The AA is also proud to be a founding partner of the first World EV Day. This should provide opportunities for individuals, fleets and businesses to find out more about the switch to EVs. We need to take every opportunity available to extol the virtues of EVs and continue to dispel some of the myths.”