Asda’s £99 Petrol Charge Leaves Drivers Furious

Mon 21st Feb 2022

As if filling up at the petrol station wasn’t placing enough strain on our bank accounts, now motorists have the worry of a £99 fee at supermarket Pay at Pump transactions.

Drivers at an Asda petrol station in Hull discovered that whereas previously they would have had a £1 pre-authorisation charge for filling up their car with fuel, that fee has now gone up to £99, which means that regardless of how much you fill up, you will have £99 blocked out of your account until the actual payment is processed by the bank.

The rules were introduced last year by Visa and Mastercard, where they automatically took £1, but that figure has, like the cost of fuel itself, skyrocketed. The changes were made to tighten up on security at service stations, particularly as many were filling up their car, knowing that they hadn’t the funds in their account. The fee is likely to be rolled out at most other supermarkets.

“Visa and Mastercard are changing the way that pay at pump transactions are managed,” an Asda spokesperson explained.

“Previously when shopping at the pay at pump, your card was pre-authorised for £1.

“This then allowed all customers to fill up to £99 with the final amount charged to your account (normally the day after) and the £1 pre-authorisation removed.

“The new rules imposed by Visa and Mastercard mean that the pre-authorisation has changed to £99 which means your bank may create a temporary hold of up to £99 while you fill up.

“On completing the transaction, the actual amount is deducted immediately from your account and the pre-authorised amount is immediately cancelled.

“The solution makes it easier for you to keep control of your finances when you pay for your petrol at the pump, however if an issue does arise you should first contact the bank that issued your card.”

Many drivers in Hull actually drove off in disgust at the £99 fee, however, the rules don’t actually require you to have £99 in your account, a smaller amount can be blocked out as a ‘partial authorisation’.