Aston Martin Take The US By Storm

Mon 15th Aug 2022

Classic British car manufacturer Aston Martin has taken the United States by storm after unveiling a brand new two-seater open-cockpit sport car in homage to the company’s long and illustrious history of motorsports.

The creation of the DBR22 design concept was unveiled in California and will also be the foundation of a production reality example for a restricted number of Aston Martin Q customers. Aston Martin Victor and Vulcan— which are limited to 24 and 14 examples, respectively, worldwide—are excellent examples of these collaborations.

DBR22 is the perfect combination of design purity, engineering precision, heart-pounding performance, and true passion, thanks to its use of cutting-edge manufacturing and material technologies. It is a true celebration of Q by Aston Martin, which has unlimited potential. 

“Technology is pivotal in the construction of DBR22, with extensive use of carbon fibre throughout, and the use of 3D printing for the manufacture of a structural component,” said Roberto Fedeli, Aston Martin Chief Technical Officer.

“As such DBR22 showcases Aston Martin’s unique capabilities, with world-class design combined with an agile, intelligent approach to engineering and production. For a car that was designed to celebrate the ultimate bespoke customisation service, the engineering developments mean DBR22 truly has the dynamic theatre to match, ensuring the drive is just as addictive as its looks.”

Marek Reichman, Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer, added: “We set our design systems to “hyper-drive”, pushing the exploration of formalism further and endeavouring to express a future in the here today. Where could we go with the surfaces, proportion and form. Combining this approach with advanced process, technology, and materials, we’ve effectively modernised our racing bloodline and created a new pedigree. DBR22 is a hot-blooded, purebred Aston Martin sports car full of speed, agility and spirit, and a machine that we think will be the basis of many of tomorrow’s icons”.




With immaculate, muscular curves and classic proportions, DBR22 proudly proclaims Aston Martin's long history of world-beating open-cockpit sportscars such as the DBR1 and DB3S - but expresses it with a fresh approach to this captivating theme.


Aston Martin’s DB3S programme is significant in the corporation’s racing history. The firm became a Le Mans contender and gained several victories using Frank Feeley’s alloy DB3S body in 1953, which was renowned for its curves and aerodynamic efficiency. DBR1, one of the most significant and influential Aston Martins of all time, was a successor to Feeley’s design language and became one of the most important, influential Aston Martins ever. 


Aston Martin's designers have developed a new body design concept for the DBR22, that features a dramatic yet elegant appearance thanks to its streamlined design composed of a minimal number of body panels. Several unique design elements are used to complement its smooth and graceful appearance.