Aston Martin To Go All Electric

Wed 9th Feb 2022

One of Britain’s most iconic sports car brands has announced that it will phase out petrol and diesel vehicles within the next four years.

As the UK government aims to ban the sale of combustion engines by 2030, Aston Martin is aiming to get out ahead of the field and will be offering fully electrified vehicles by 2026.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Aston Martin boss Lawrence Stroll said that his company is making the move, even though he is yet to be convinced that his customers want all electric.

“By 2026 we will be fully electrified,” Stroll said. 

“I can’t tell you that 100 per cent of Aston Martin customers want an electric vehicle. People still want the smell, the noise [of combustion engine cars]. We’re gradually going to get to full EV, but we will continue offering both [electric and hybrids].

“There will still be an electrification component, but if someone wants an internal combustion engine in 2028, that will happen.”

Aston Martin are expected to see their first all-electric hit the market in 2025 with the expected conversion of the DB11 sports car, though there are still few details of how the electric powertrain will fit into its current design. There are plans to launch mid-engined and some plug-in hybrid models over the next two years.

“By 2025 or 2026, even though we will have every model electrified, front engine, mid-engine, SUV, we will still continue to offer for sale, as long as there’s customer demand, hybrid versions,” Stroll said.