Aston Martin To Produce £3.3m DB5 Limited Edition Bond Cars

Mon 20th Aug 2018

James Bond, Aston Martin and gadget fans could get their hands on a piece of history, but only if they can find £3.3 million to pay for one of the limited edition motors.

The classic British car manufacturer has announced this week that they will be creating 25 Goldfinger DB5s, complete with working gadgets. The legendary car featured in six James Bond movies and is seen as the quintessential Bond motor, with the famous revolving numberplates.

The car will also be built to improve reliability and quality, though the gadgets will not be legal for use on British roads, so no using the machine guns to get rid of middle-lane hoggers, or deploying the oil slick when someone is tailgating you.

Andy Palmer, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aston Martin, said: “The connection between Aston Martin and James Bond is something of which we are very proud and it is remarkable that the DB5 remains the definitive James Bond car after so many years. To own an Aston Martin has long been an aspiration for James Bond fans, but to own a Silver Birch DB5, complete with gadgets and built to the highest standards in the very same factory as the original James Bond cars? Well, that is surely the ultimate collectors’ fantasy. The skilled craftspeople at Aston Martin Works and the expert special effects team from the James Bond films are about to make this fantasy real for 25 very lucky customers.”

Featuring the famed Silver Birch paint, the DB5s will be built at Aston Martin’s Newport Pagnell factory, with a run of 25 for customers and further three built for the filmmakers EON, Aston Martin taking one for their museum and the last one auctioned for charity.

The build of the DB5 follows on from a similar project which saw Aston Martin create a limited run of DB4 G.T., which sold for £1.5m before taxes.