Astra Goes Electric

Mon 14th Jun 2021

One of the UK motoring industry’s most recognisable car brands, the Vauxhall Astra, looks set to make the switch to electric engineering with the release of teasing images of what the next generation might look like.

The all-new Astra is sure to excite a generation of car buyers, particularly as it now comes under the umbrella of the huge Stellantis Group and as such will have a platform provided which is also under the bonnet of the Peugeot 308 amongst others.

The new Astra is not expected to be a purely electric model, there will probably be petrol and diesel versions of the classic brand given some electric assistance, with a hybrid option and maybe even a 4WD alternative, as the British based brand makes a gradual transition towards a greener fuel solution.

Judging by the images released this week, the new Astra will still favour some fairly heavy Vauxhall brand notes, with a ‘Vizor’ grille taking its inspiration from the recent Mokka, with ASTRA written on the boot. With the official press release stating: ‘The central exterior design element is a further development of the Vauxhall Vizor first seen on the All-New Mokka. The face of the brand stretches across the front, seamlessly integrating technologies such as the ultra-slim IntelliLux LED® headlamps that will once again bring cutting-edge innovation to the compact market segment. At the rear, the Astra nameplate is centrally placed on the sheer, taut surface of the tailgate.’

Though there are no dates for the launch of the new Astra, the PR says to expect further news in the coming months. For now we will have to make do with the words of Paul Wilcox, Managing Director of Vauxhall, who said: “The All-New Astra will open an exciting new chapter in the 41-year history of our popular compact model. We are confident that the next generation Vauxhall Astra will make a powerful impression and attract new customers to the brand, especially now Astra will be electrified for the first time.”