Baby Benz Drivers On The Way

Tue 6th Nov 2018

Mercedes-Benz drivers are getting younger than ever after the German manufacturer revealed a baby-stroller which comes complete with the unmistakable AMG-style five-spoke wheels.

Named the Avantgarde, Mercedes have partnered with classic German pram manufacturer Hartan to produce a buggy which will be the top of the list for every car loving parent.

The souped-up pram comes with all the extras you might expect from the luxury car maker, with a low weight, great handling and even adjustable suspension and air-chamber tyres.

The press-release in support of the announcement also resembles that of a major car release.

“The carriage seat gets ergonomic points for its multiple-adjustable swivel function which also includes a recline position. A height-adjustable footrest with safety reflectors ensures that the child sits comfortably in each stage of growth and thanks to a belt system and an upholstered check strap the child is optimally protected from falling out.

“Depending on whether the child prefers to face the direction of movement or prefers to look at their parents, the seat unit can be turned 180° on the frame with one click. The noiselessly adjustable top is protects effectively on hot days and in rainy conditions thanks to a climate zone in the rear and a fold-out sun visor.”

As to be expected the Avantgarde comes in a range of trims, including Dessin Sport black, grey and silver, Dolce Vita beige and bron and Dessin Deep Sea blue.

The latest Mercedes-Benz model will be rolling out of the finest baby showrooms later this month.