Battery Delays Bentley EV Bid

Mon 8th Jul 2019

Luxury car manufacturer Bentley has had to put its plans for a supercar electric vehicle on hold after admitting that current battery technology is not up to scratch to power their cars.

The company’s chief executive has expressed his frustration after telling Autocar magazine that under current technology restrictions, to achieve an adequate range the Bentley would require so many battery packs it would be too heavy to drive. 

The news is even more frustrating as both the buyers and manufacturers are keen to see the project come to life.

Speaking at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Adrian Hallmark said: “As a brand we should be at the forefront, and it is clear that there is absolute demand from certain customers for it – including a new target group of customers who want it, not just to comply with regulations but because it is desirable to them,” he said.

“But the issue is whether we can build a car that meets our values – and today we cannot. The conundrum is getting enough battery power density, getting the battery control modules as efficient as possible and then creating a car that delivers the required aero, rolling resistance and other parameters to be as efficient as possible.

“We are wrestling with multiple dimensions and it is my belief – and it is an informed estimate not a defined goal – that we will have the capability of building a car with the high performance and high range capabilities that our customers expect by around 2025.”