Belly Driving? Blame The Intern

Thu 17th Dec 2020

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has used the designs of a former intern to provide a vision of what driving might be like in the future - lying on our belly.

The Nissan GT-R (X) 2050 concept car comes from the creative mind of Nissan designer, JB Choi, from sketches he actually created when he was an intern at the company.

Futuristic car designs are very often loved or hated by the motoring public, and the GT-R (X) is no different, certain to divide opinion, particularly as it has been described as a ‘wearable machine’ by Choi, who said: "Exoskeletons today make people stronger by wearing mechanical structures. I tried to fit the size of a person's body as much as I could, as if I were wearing a car.
"I wanted to create a new form of machine that is not a vehicle to ride, it is the space where machine and human become one."

The most unique aspect of the concept is that you would drive the car lying on your stomach, and the vehicle would also require a special suit that includes a helmet which can connect to your brain in order to navigate.

Choi now works on a full-time basis at Nissan, and his eyecatching design has been praised by Vice President of Nissan Design America, David Woodhouse.

"[JB’s] thesis was all about demonstrating the emotional connection technology can create and the benefit that it can deliver for customers," Woodhouse says. "It was super exciting for the NDA team to help JB give form to this idea as a 1:1 model."