Big Changes Ahead On All Petrol Station Forecourts

Tue 26th Feb 2019

Drivers fuelling their cars across the UK will be able to benefit from new labels which will be standard across Europe and help motorists to easily identify the right fuel for their vehicle.

The rules which are being rolled out by the Department for Transport will feature at all filling stations by September 2019, with motorists able to understand the biofuel content at both petrol and diesel pumps.

Biofuels help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and it is estimated that the use of biofuels on UK roads last year was the equivalent of taking one millions cars off the road.

“These new labels will help drivers chose the right fuel for their vehicle, whilst also highlighting the use of biofuels in reducing the CO2 emissions from everyday road vehicles,” said a DfT spokesperson.

“Our Road to Zero strategy set out our ambition to end the sale of diesel and petrol cars by 2040, while the ongoing decarbonising of traditional fuels will help during this transition.”

Biofuels are blended into regular petrol and diesel which helps reduce CO2 emissions and those pumps which include 5% renewable ethanol will be labelled E5, while diesel with 7% biodiesel will be labelled as B7.

The UK government is pushing for an introduction of a petrol grade of 10% renewable ethanol and these new labels on pumps on forecourts across Europe will help educate drivers as to the levels of CO2 in their fuel.