Birmingham Gran Passes Driving Test After 50 Years Of Lessons

Tue 11th Sep 2018

A 75-year-old great-grandmother from Birmingham has finally passed her driving test, more than 50 years after taking her first lesson.

It was fourth time lucky for June Evans, from Great Barr, Birmingham, who first got behind the wheel of a learner car aged just 24. She gave up her lessons early-on to focus on raising her two sons, Gary and Paul, and it was her family who paid for June’s provisional licence as a birthday present and when she turned 60 she began lessons again. June took 25 paid for lessons and then was guided by her husband Brian in the family BMW 5 series.

“I’m trying to re-live my youth,” June said in The Sun.

“It feels good doing 60mph on the dual carriageway, but I always remember to stick to the speed limit whenever I am.

“I’m not fast, but I can put my foot down on the open road. I’ve always said I’d love go on a racing track.

“[Brian and I] had our ups and downs and a few choice words have been said.

"There have been heated moments – sometimes he shouted at me, but I think I’m a safe driver. I haven’t crashed yet.

"He has been a real help and I couldn’t have done it without him."

June finally passed her test last week, after failing in September last year and twice more in April and July. She passed on the same day as the couple’s 57th wedding anniversary.

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