Bloodhound Makes History With Test Run

Mon 18th Nov 2019

The team behind the Bloodhound Land Speed Record project have already hit a major milestone after surpassing 1000kph in testing.

The supersonic car completed its high-speed testing on Sunday and became only the eight vehicle in history to be driven beyond 600mph. By hitting 628mph it has joined the Sonic 1, Blue Flame, Thrust2, Budweiser Rocket, Sonic Arrow, Aussie Invader III and Thrust SSC in going beyond 600mph - the ultimate aim is to break the 763mph limit which was set in 1997.

Andy Green who was behind the wheel for Bloodhound in testing, was behind the wheel for the world record breaking drive 22 years ago and is happy with how things have progressed at the test track in South Africa’s Kalahari Desert.

“The stability and confidence the car gives me as a driver is testament to the years of world class engineering that has been invested in her by team members past and present,” Green said. “With all the data generated by reaching 628 mph, we’re in a great position to focus on setting a new world land speed record in the next year or so.”

Initial testing for the vehicle relied solely on jet power, but to reach the higher speeds required to surpass the world record Bloodhound LSR will require the use of a rocket. The team were using testing to assess the size of rocket required based on the drag experienced on the test run.

With the first testing now complete the team will return to the UK with the aim of securing the sponsors which will take the project to the next phase.

"With the high-speed testing phase concluded, we will now move our focus to identifying new sponsors and the investment needed to bring Bloodhound back out to Hakskeen Pan in the next 12 to 18 months' time,” said Yorkshire businessman Ian Warhurst who has backed the project.

"Not only am I immensely proud of the team, I'm also delighted that we've been able to demonstrate that the car is eminently capable of setting a new world land speed record."