BMW and Porsche Develop FastCharge EV Technology

Thu 13th Dec 2018

German car manufacturers BMW and Porsche are famous for producing fast cars, but they’ve now developed fast electric car charging.

With a prototype 450kW FastCharge Unit, the technology can charge a car to a range of 62 miles in just three minutes, and with EV batteries fully charged in 15 minutes.

Whilst the FastCharge is quick, and is being compared to traditional fueling of a car, the technology is currently too advanced for any EV cars currently on the market. Which means that though a consortium of car manufacturers from Germany are currently slapping themselves on the back there’ll be a wait until we see the car technology that can take the FastCharge.

The FastCharge was demonstrated on a modified BMW i3, which was able to take 10-80% in 15 minutes, whilst the Porsche prototype was able to charge for 62 miles in less than three minutes.

According to the press release on the project, the new FastCharge points will be available straight away.

“The industrial companies involved in the research project “FastCharge” yesterday presented the latest advancements in the field of fast and convenient energy supply for electrically powered vehicles. The prototype of a charging station with a capacity of up to 450 kW was inaugurated in Jettingen-Scheppach, Bavaria. At this ultra-fast charging station, electrically powered research vehicles created as part of the project are able to demonstrate charging times of less than three minutes for the first 100 kilometres of range or 15 minutes for a full charge (10-80 % State of Charge (SOC)).

“The new charging station can be used free of charge right away and is suitable for electric models of all brands with the Type 2 version of the internationally widespread Combined Charging System (CCS), as is commonly used in Europe.”