BMW Boss Won’t Be Rushed On EVs

Mon 25th Apr 2022

As global motoring manufacturers hurtle towards an all-electric future, there are some leading executives who are urging a little caution, even though governments seem determined to force their hand.

One of those industry bosses is BMW CEO Oliver Zipse, who has long warned that if European motoring manufacturers are forced to completely abandon internal combustion engines, then there will be other car makers around the world who will fill the void.

Zipse argues that though his BMW company is leading the way with the all electric i3 and PHEV i8 pioneering the EV drive, an outright ban could be foolish.

"When you look at the technology coming out, the EV push, we must be careful because at the same time, you increase dependency on very few countries,” Zipse said at the International Auto Show earlier this month. “If someone cannot buy an EV for some reason but needs a car, would you rather propose he continues to drive his old car forever? If you are not selling combustion engines anymore, someone else will."

Zipse has previously appealed to the German government for more flexibility in the forthcoming regulations, but with EV gaining a more and more significant share of the market, politicians will point that the public has bought into the idea of going green. The high price of electric vehicles, combined with increased energy costs is sure to drive public opinion.

He said: “We have a peak now, they might not stay at the peak, but they will not go back to former prices. How much energy you need and use, and circularity, is important - for environmental reasons but even more for economic reasons."