Bond Car Complete With Gadgets Ready For Action

Mon 6th Jul 2020

The first of 25 limited edition Aston Martin DB5 Goldfingers has rolled off the production line, complete with bullet proof glass and a host of other 007 gadgets.

Perhaps one of the most famous movie cars ever, the original DB5 Goldfinger made its debut in the 1964 James Bond movie of the same name, and came equipped with an ejector seat, a bullet-proof rear shield, a smoke screen from the exhaust pipes, front-mounted machine guns and much more.

Now Bond fans and classic car aficionados can own their very own piece of history, but only if they have a spare £3.3million in the bank, which is quite the mark-up on the original DB5 which was available for £4,175 55 years ago.

‘By far the most famous of the original owners is the world’s best-known secret agent – James Bond – who first drove the car that is today inextricably linked with him in the 1964 film, Goldfinger,’ said Aston Martin’s press release.

‘Created in association with the producers of the James Bond films, EON Productions, and featuring a broad suite of working gadgets first seen on screen in the 1964 film, the Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation cars are history in the making. 

‘The new DB5 models represent among the most valuable new cars yet brought to market by the British luxury brand. Each DB5 Goldfinger continuation car is priced at £2.75m, plus taxes.

‘All the new cars are meticulously detailed authentic reproductions of the DB5 seen on screen, with some sympathetic modifications and enhancements to ensure the highest levels of build quality and reliability.’

The first new DB5 was unveiled this week, with the title ‘Job1’, and they will be delivered to customers throughout the rest of 2020, each taking a total of 4,500 man hours to put together.

If you want to own the gadget-loaded super-spy car, you can still order one, Aston Martin have a quarter of the 25 unsold. But we warned, the cars are not licensed to be driven on British roads, due to their host of gadgets.