Boris Makes New Home EV Pledge

Tue 23rd Nov 2021

All new homes will have to have an electric vehicle charging port says the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he looks to get the country back on track to the road to carbon zero.

Speaking to the Confederation of British Industry, the PM explained that the new measures will apply to both home and non-residential buildings, which means that even businesses will be expected to fall into line. Also renovated buildings with 10 parking spaces or more will be asked to install EV chargers.

"We will require new homes and buildings to have EV charging points - with another 145,000 charging points to be installed thanks to these regulations,” Johnson said.

"We are investing in new projects to turn wind power into hydrogen and our net-zero strategy is expected to trigger about £90 billion of private sector investment, driving the creation of high wage high skilled jobs as part of our mission to unite and level up across the country."

Thousands of drivers currently use a normal wall plug at home, though many more EV converts are taking advantage of government subsidies to have a dedicated charge point installed on their drive. Bespoke chargers can cost around £800 according to the RAC, but provide a much faster charge to the vehicle.

While the move from the government will be welcomed by the automotive industry, which is currently spending billions on reverting to electric. The UK may have seen a rise in EV registrations in the last year, but the EV charging infrastructure is woefully short of what is needed by 2030, and the Labour shadow business secretary has been critical of the government’s lack of plan on green technologies.


Ed Miliband, the shadow business secretary, said: "The government is failing Britain's automotive companies and workers.

"Rather than step up to support the car industry in the global race for green technologies, ministers have stepped back and left manufacturers, workers and the public on their own, failing to take the action necessary to make the switch affordable for families hit by a cost of living crisis.

"To back the car industry and create jobs, Labour would bring forward ambitious proposals to spark an electric vehicle revolution in every part of the country.

"By extending the help to buy an electric car for those on lower and middle incomes and accelerating the roll-out of charging points in areas that have been left out, we would ensure that everyone could benefit and make the green transition fair."