Bradford Man Has 78 Points On His Licence And Is Still On The Road

Wed 23rd Oct 2019

Startling figures from the Department of Transport reveal that there are thousands of drivers still driving legally despite amassing multiple endorsements on their licence.

The figures published in The Sun show that there are 10,858 drivers in Britain who have more than 12 points on their licence, but are still driving on the road network. 

Whilst 12 points is normally the threshold for a ban there are a number of circumstances which see people go beyond the limit on their licence. For example if the offence was dealt with by a banning order or a prison sentence in court, then the points will remain on the licence for four years even if the driver is legally allowed to return to driving. Drivers can also avoid a ban if they manage to convince a court that they will face ‘exceptional hardship’ if they lose their licence.

These could be the circumstances which see the driver from Bradford, West Yorkshire collecting that many points and still being on the roads. Whilst 78 points is the worst in Britain, the Department of Transport figures show that there are 261 with more than 20 points, with an 81-year-old woman the oldest of the lost with 25 points on her licence.

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “On the face of it, the thought of somebody still being allowed to drive after accumulating 78 penalty points for poor driving is truly horrifying.

“And it suggests some drivers are repeatedly breaking the law – perhaps being caught by multiple speed cameras.

“But it’s the case that these drivers can escape a driving ban if they can prove to magistrates that by having one would lead to ‘exceptional hardship’.”