Brexit Means Brits Avoid Speeding Fines

Fri 15th Jan 2021

UK motorists travelling to Europe this year could avoid being fined for speeding after a cross-border agreement between Britain and other EU countries came to an end.

Whilst the United Kingdom remained a member of the European Union there was a directive which meant that the DVLA had to share contact details of all those caught speeding in the member states of the EU. But that directive was ended on midnight 31st December meaning that countries such as France could no longer gain details of British drivers who exceeded the speed limit.

It’s thought the change in policy could cost the French government up to £50million, however, the agreement worked both ways, so the DVLA will no longer be able to request details of European drivers committing offences on British soil.

According to data published by the AA, French police had requested details more more than half a million vehicles in the period from January 2019 to September 2020. Fines in France range from £61 to £3,360.

However, a report in the Sunday Times suggests that British drivers may not yet get off scot-free, with a 1959 convention on Criminal Matters between European countries possibly superseding any EU agreements.

“Speeding is irresponsible and puts people’s lives at risk and although the UK is no longer required to share the same level of information with the EU on road users, drivers of UK registered vehicles may still be contacted in relation to these offences,” a spokesman told the Sunday Times.