Britain’s Busiest Speed Camera Broken

Tue 14th Sep 2021

One of the UK’s busiest speed cameras, responsible for triggering 70 times a day at its peak, may have been snapping drivers at the wrong speed, leading to thousands of people incorrectly fined.

The camera, which is located on Maybray King Way in Hampshire, flashed a total of 51,049 drivers over a period of two years between 2015 and 2017, but was discovered to have some inconsistencies. One driver received a fine after being recorded travelling at more than 50 miles per hour, however, a check on his dashcam footage revealed that he was only actually travelling at 25 miles per hour, well under the 30mph limit.

It is estimated that the camera has pulled in more than £5m in revenue, but some of that might now have to be paid back to unsuspecting drivers.

The Hampshire Constabulary has said it is investigating the issue: “We are aware of an issue with the camera on Maybray King Way, which can lead to incorrect readings with vehicles with a high flat rear.

“Our Summary Justice Unit has thorough processes in place to ensure that we prevent any incorrect prosecutions occurring.

“There have been two cases in which we have identified this issue and have stopped proceedings.”

But the Alliance of British Drivers has pushed for all drivers to be refunded due to the camera’s errors. Hugh Bladon, founder of the organisation said some people were out of pocket for having to attend speed awareness courses when they might not have been speeding at all.

“We are aware that sometimes cameras are not exactly accurate,” Bladon said.

“But for this camera to be recording a driver as travelling at 50mph, something is seriously wrong.

“Every driver, regardless of what speed he has been shown doing by this camera, should have their fine refunded and any points removed.

“If people, as a result of this camera, have to do a speed awareness course, that should be refunded as well as together with compensation for the time that the person has had to spend completing it.”