Britain’s Car Buyers Know What They Want And Don’t Mess Around

Thu 21st Jun 2018

More than a third of Britain’s car buying public choose to buy the first car they see after research revealed the buying habits of those looking for a motor.

The research, conducted by Hyundai, reveals that the UK car buying public is more than likely well informed and has made up their mind before they even visit a showroom, and with most motors available to view online, the decision is often made sat at a computer. makes the car buying process as easy as possible, the one-stop-shop for motors offers a range of more than 2,000 cars, with options available for every budget, and what’s more, the buyer doesn’t even have to leave home as the car is delivered to your door.

Hyundai’s research reveals that men are more confident than women when choosing a car, only 40% taking someone else along to a showroom, whilst 71% of women would choose to be accompanied.

From the 2,000 drivers surveyed, more than 71% said that the price of the car was the most important factor in making the decision to buy, though those in the north are more concerned with the price tag compared to those in London.

“This is a trend that we’ve seen grow in recent years,” said Hyundai Motor UK President and CEO, Tony Whitehorn.

“Clearly today’s car-buyers are better informed than ever, and they’re making very concrete decisions on which car they want before even going to see it.

On average a car owner will keep their car for five years and eight months before getting a new one. The research also revealed what were the top features buyers were looking for in a new car.



  1. Air conditioning

  2. Parking sensors

  3. Electric windows

  4. Sat-nav

  5. Spacious boot

  6. Digital radio

  7. Demisting mirrors

  8. Automatic braking system

  9. Heated seats

  10. Bluetooth

  11. Parking cameras

  12. Sound system

  13. Cruise control

  14. Lumbar Support

  15. Panoramic Sunroof

  16. Leather seats

  17. Cup holder

  18. Heated Steering Wheel

  19. Remote Start

  20. Android Auto/Apple CarPlay