Britain’s Drivers Paying Over The Odds For Vehicle Repair Says Report

Wed 29th Aug 2018

Drivers in the UK are overspending on garage repairs by  up to £90 per vehicle per year on according to new research.

The news comes from breakdown firm Green Flag who have estimated that motorists are paying out a whopping £3.4 billion every year, with some unscrupulous garages tricking customers into purchasing brake fluid and antifreeze services, which are often not needed.

Nick Reid, Head of Automotive Technology at Green Flag, said: "Our research highlights just how much drivers are overspending on repairs - fueled by a combination of the changes in the MOT test and a lack of confidence in negotiating with garages, motorists are becoming less equipped to ensure they’re getting the best deal on repairs.

“This is particularly evident by our findings that 61 per cent aren’t sure what MOT stands for, and the fact that 39 per cent don’t understand what is being checked during a test.”

With a new style MOT brought into effect in 2018, may car owners are not completely sure what the new rules are, Green Flag’s research revealing that 52 per cent of motorists are unaware what the test involves, an additional third of motorists admit they don’t have the confidence or knowledge to negotiate with garages. Up to 40 per cent of drivers admit that they have previously underestimated how much it would cost to repair their car.

The Most Common Upsells and Unnecessary Work

1. Brake fluid change

2. Anti-freeze drain and refill

3. Fuel/ oil cleaners

4. Brakes – pads and discs (when wear is within safety limits)

5. Wiper blades

6. Battery replacement

7. Tracking

8. Oil top ups

9. Tyres (When tread is well within legal limit)

10. Pollen filters