Britain’s Drivers Spend A Half A Day A Year Looking For Lost Car Keys

Fri 18th May 2018

British car drivers are losing their keys at an alarming rate, and costing themselves a fortune in the process according to latest data released by the RAC.

Following a survey of more than 2000 drivers, the survey revealed that 43% of drivers regularly forget where they have put their car keys – that’s 16 million drivers.

With the UK’s drivers spending on average 2 minutes 10 seconds a day searching for the car keys, that adds up to over half a day a year.

The most worrying part of the survey reveals that 1 in 20 drivers, almost 2 million, have lost their car keys for good. Though 39% of motorists are happy with a spare key, those who have to pay for a replacement will pay on average £176, with the total bill across the UK totalling £181m.

Losing your keys is not the only problem for UK motorists, with locking your keys in your car also a major problem. 30 per cent of males have locked their keys in the car, compared to 23 per cent of females. Breakdown cover and spare keys are the most common solution to this issue, however 3 per cent of car owners have had to resort to smashing a window.

RAC spokesman Pete Williams said: “When it comes to car keys the evidence suggests that we are a forgetful and careless bunch.”

He added: “With today’s sophisticated keys, including transponders and remote devices, a replacement key can cost up to £500 – a not insignificant sum.”

The RAC survey data also revealed the most popular places to lose your keys are outdoors, in the house or at work, with five per cent admitting they lost them while out shopping.