British Is Best For 2021

Wed 9th Dec 2020

Could a failure in EU trade negotiations make buying a British car next year more tempting to the car buying public? A major survey seems to think so.

According to a poll by What Car? a total of 53% would be more likely to buy a British-built car if cars built abroad became too expensive to buy due to WTO tariffs.

While buying a car made in the UK might seem unpalatable to some, particularly those who like German brands, the choice of vehicles on offer might surprise some, even for those with expensive tastes. The discerning car buyer could buy a Jaguar  F-Type, a Vauxhall Astra or even Bentley Bentayga without having to worry about import duties, and in the survey of 1,728 potential car buyers, there has been some panic about a no-deal Brexit, with 34 per cent admitting that they have brought forward their car buying to this year to avoid any price spikes.

“Consumers are clearly aware of the financial and logistical implications of a no-deal Brexit on the automotive sector,” said Steve Huntingford from What Car?
“What the industry urgently needs, as it begins to emerge from the unique challenges provided by the Covid-19 pandemic, is some clarity around the nature of our future trading relationship with Europe.”

The issue of price rises brought on by Brexit is not alien to the car-buying public, some 87 per cent admitted that they knew prices could go up, while 64 per cent also said they were aware of issues related to supply and tariffs on EU built vehicles.