Brits Get Ready For A Life On The Road

Sun 26th Jul 2020

UK motorists are doubling down on their breakdown cover this summer with millions determined to dash across the English channel in search of sun, sea and sand.

While lockdown restrictions have been relaxed there are many worries about making the traditional journeys via air to holiday destinations and that has made driving the No.1 option for many.

Three of the biggest breakdown providers have all reported strong interest in policies as drivers look to ensure they are covered if the worst happens and their car breaks down.
LV Britannia Rescue has revealed unprecedented demand in their European breakdown policy, with sales doubling in the last two weeks in June and now increasing three-fold throughout July

The AA saw sales of cover slump to 1,200 in March and then just 200 during April in the middle of lockdown, but February showed sales of 3,000 and they now expect to exceed sales of 6,000 for the European breakdown policy by the end of July.

While the RAC hasn’t seen such a significant increase in customers taking out European policies, they have seen the same policies extended for a lot longer, suggesting that drivers are considering driving abroad for the long-term.

“There's one major difference this summer: we're seeing far more drivers opting for annual policies, giving them flexibility to travel when they want in a 12-month period,” said RAC spokesman Rod Dennis. 

“While this might be related to uncertainty over future travel restrictions, it may also be a sign people are seeing the longer-term benefits of using their own cars to go abroad and having the option of taking several trips.”