Brits Pay Almost £42m In Bus Lane Fines

Mon 19th Nov 2018

Councils across the UK are raking it in due to a record number of fines issued to drivers for being caught in bus lanes.

Data published by has revealed that in 2017 more than 888,000 drivers were fined, with the money collected coming to a total of £41,807,647.

One bus lane in Oxford pulled in a total of £1,488,120 on its own, whilst Glasgow’s drivers are paying more than any other part of the country with fines in excess of £6.5m being paid. Cardiff’s drivers paid the second highest total, whilst those caught in London were only third highest paying out a total of 89,730.

The rules on driving in bus lanes appear to be as unclear as ever, with almost half (49 per cent) of those surveyed saying that they weren’t even aware they had driven in a bus lane, despite the fact that they were fined. Up to 28 per cent of drivers meanwhile admit to knowingly ignore bus lane restrictions, mainly to skip queues.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, says: “The £41m in fines issued by councils are testimony to the fact that bus lanes are one of the most confusing challenges motorists face on our already chaotic roads. “Drivers needs to be listened to for a change – it’s only right that some of this fine money is invested to make bus lanes and signage clearer. In the meantime, we’ve launched a go-to bus lane guide to help drivers navigate through the chaos and advise how they can challenge a fine if they think it has been unfairly issued. “While there is a place for driving fines, many feel bus lane charges are unfair and excessive, adding to the ream of costs burdening drivers.”