Brits Prepare To Drive To Holiday Destination

Fri 19th Jun 2020


The UK public is resigned to the fact they won’t be going abroad on holiday this year and is making plans to have an old fashioned ‘staycation’ according to the RAC.

The motoring organisation has polled more than 3,000 of its members to find out their thoughts about holidaying in 2020 duo to the pandemic restrictions and found that almost seven out of ten have given up on the idea of a foreign holiday, but still want a holiday of sorts this year.

The British government is currently reviewing restrictions and is expected to make an announcement in the coming weeks on extending freedom to travel and that has led conscientious drivers, with almost two thirds checking tyre pressures and oil levels in anticipation of a trip to a tourist hotspot.

RAC spokesperson Rod Dennis said: “While a good proportion of drivers we surveyed remain optimistic about taking the holiday they had planned before the lockdown, most are anticipating having to make changes – with a move towards UK staycations the favoured option.

“Crucially, the ban on overnight stays would need to be lifted, and it may also be the case that would-be holidaymakers wait to see whether groups of family and friends are permitted to share accommodation before committing to any plans.”

Not all UK residents have abandoned plans of going abroad, the RAC survey found that 13% are planning to rebook a holiday and fly abroad, while 7% are planning to drive across the channel.