Brits Struggle To Go EV

Tue 12th Jul 2022

Millions of UK motorists may want to make a switch to an electric vehicle but are being held back by some significant factors according to research from one of the nation’s biggest car park firms.

JustPark have partnered with Visa to try and boost electric vehicle adoption across the country but their survey has unveiled some major problems which need fixing before car buyers are prepared to make the leap.

According to the research, the biggest barrier to adoption is the current charging point infrastructure, with 62 per cent admitting that reliability of chargers and a lack of chargers locally is a headache.

The price of an EV is another big issue (42%), range anxiety remains a problem (23%) and a shortage of availability in the second-hand market (17%) is a concern. JustPark have launched a JustCharge initiative to try and combat the main issues, with home owners being able to offer their private charges to other EV drivers via an app.

“We must collectively find solutions to help millions of British households support the UK’s transition to clean-air vehicles,” said Mike Strahlman, Director of EV at JustPark.

“While EV demand is growing dramatically, public charging infrastructure is falling significantly behind.

“JustCharge unlocks thousands of home chargers, infrastructure which already exists, and makes them available to the public.

“These chargers are not used 90 per cent of the time and can help make EV adoption a possibility for more than 50 per cent of British households without access to off-street parking.

“This partnership with JustCharge and Visa is a landmark moment in our efforts to redress the balance and make EV adoption an effortless, viable and cost-effective solution for millions more UK drivers.”