Buggy Is Not For Kids

Wed 31st May 2023

French car maker Citroen has never been afraid to explore the boundaries of quirky vehicles, and they have broken the mould once again with the Ami Buggy, an ‘off-road’ version of the innovative quadricycle.

The Citroen Ami Buggy is a limited-edition, off-road-inspired version of the Citroen Ami electric quadricycle. It was first unveiled in 2021 and went on sale in Europe in 2022. The Ami Buggy is powered by the same 5.5kWh battery as the regular Ami and has a top speed of 28mph. It has a range of 46 miles, which is enough for most urban journeys.

The Ami Buggy has a number of features that make it more suitable for off-road driving, including chunky tires, a raised suspension, and a roll cage. It also has a number of styling cues that give it a more rugged appearance, such as a removable canvas roof and a front bumper with a bull bar.

Priced at £10,495, the Ami Buggy will be limited to just 40 models on UK shores, making it the ultimate limited edition, and sure to make the race to claim one competitive.

Citroen says that the Ami Buggy is aimed at "young urbanites who want a fun and stylish way to get around town." The car is available in a limited number of colors, including yellow, orange, and blue.

"The Ami Buggy is the perfect car for those who want to stand out from the crowd. It's fun, stylish, and practical, and it's perfect for zipping around town or exploring the countryside,” said Citroen’s marketing material.