Can Mazda Make Petrol As Clean As Electric Vehicles?

Wed 31st Jan 2018

Japanese car manufacturer Mazda is aiming to make huge leaps in engine efficiency which could see future petrol models as clean as EVs.

Cars that run on fossil fuels, such as diesel and petrol, are in the targets of many within Government who seem determined to force the nation down the electric route, and some companies even making promises to supply charging outlets with renewable energy. However, car manufactuers, including Mazda, still have hope for the petrol engine.

The company announced plans this week for a range of engines which in the future could almost double the thermal efficiency of its petrol engines. Mazda’s SkyActiv-3 range should eventually follow on from the SkyActiv-X units, featuring the company’s innovative Spark Controlled Compression Ignition – arriving in March 2019 they could revolutionise fuel economy.

With a target of 25 per cent less carbon emissions, Mazda are demonstrating their commitment to petrol as a future fuel and are promising well-to-wheel emissions on a par with current electric models.

Whilst these efficiencies are currently only a pipe-dream, the Japanese manufacturer seems determined to maintain the future for petrol engines for the next decade to come. have a great selection of used Mazda cars on our website, any of which can be ordered from the comfort of your home and delivered direct to your door anywhere in mainland Britain.